VIC Updates

The Victorian SBATs have been working really hard on their qualifications, completing  shadow hours in and out of the pool for both Learn to Swim teaching and Pool Lifeguard roles. Most of our trainees are transitioning towards independent shifts and are really enjoying their roles. 

Centre Managers have already commented that they are very impressed with the dedicated attitude that these new staff members are bringing to their centres. It is very reassuring that they can see that the trainees want to be there and are willing to ask questions. 

Most trainees were able to attend the National Road Show facilitated by BlueFit within their centres, giving the trainees a great insight into how centres work in an emergency and how we all contribute to a bigger team.

Workplace Training – SALT

Please remember to check SALT on a weekly basis for new/updated policies and procedures from BlueFit. It is your responsibility to make sure you have completed this. A good idea to help with this is to set a weekly reminder for yourselves to log in and check.

Log into SALT

Click “My Training” 

Complete any outstanding training

Overall it has been a great start for the VIC crew. I cannot wait to update you all more on wonderful achievements coming this way. 

Please reach out if you have any questions.


Jakub Jelinek

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