QLD Updates

New Trainees for QLD!

We have added 10 new trainees to our QLD team, super excited to have them all complete training courses in the last 4 weeks and smashing their shadow shifts.  We held the best Cert lll induction yet in Yeppoon where everyone got a really good understanding of the portal and successfully completed their first 2 units! 

Cert lll Online monthly study sessions

Monthly study sessions are going well, each month, trainees join a zoom call with their trainer to complete a new unit. Everyone has been contributing well to these calls and it’s great to see full attendance.

Workplace Training

BlueFit held their first Roadshow for the year which was facilitated by BlueFit and allowed all employees to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the department’s Policies and expectations. Emergency evacuation procedures were also practised during this event. 

Please remember to check SALT on a weekly basis for new/updated policies and procedures from Bluefit. It is your responsibility to make sure you have completed this, maybe set a weekly reminder for yourselves to log in and check. 

Log into SALT

Click “My Training” 

Complete any outstanding training


Permanent shifts

Now that permanent school based day shifts have been assigned, it’s really important that if you cannot attend your school based shift you must do the following:

1. Notify dept or Facility manager

2. Complete a leave request in deputy (annual or sick)

Please refer to the Trainee guide if you are unsure of this process.



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