NSW Training Awards

LEA has kicked off on a positive start by selecting four outstanding trainees for the 2023 NSW training Awards. These awards aim to acknowledge exceptional accomplishments in the vocational education and training (VET) field in New South Wales. Congratulations to Bexley trainees Brodie and Zac, Hurstville trainee Emma and Lane Cove trainee Kristina! 

These four trainees have been recognised for their continuing efforts throughout their traineeship and are up against VET students all across NSW for a chance to win the 2023 School Based Trainee of  the year award! 

All four nominees have submitted their first round of responses. The next stage is to see who is accepted for interviews. Good luck to all nominees, our fingers are all crossed at LEA. 


Over the past few months our trainees have been focusing on transitioning into new departments enabling them to learn new workplace skills with a clear focus on supporting our year 12 trainees through this incredible yet intense time of the year!


In just three months, all facilities have had two site-based trainings, where they learn more in depth skills about CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding techniques. Recently BlueFit held their first Roadshow for the year which is run by BlueFit and allows all employees to ask questions and grab a better understanding of the department’s Policies and expectations.

Certificate III in Sports and Recreation Progression

An essential part of this traineeship is the completion of their Certificate III in Sports and Recreation. Here they take part in online group sessions each month which includes Polls, discussions forums and randomly selects names making sure all trainees are participating throughout the session encouraging more online engagement. All trainees have one month from the issue date to complete and submit all related work.



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