VIC Update

Term 1 Workshop
Our 2022 trainees met all together for the first time this year for the term one workshop. Students spent the first half of the day going through a mindset over matter seminar. This seminar allowed students to:

  • Build their understanding of their strengths and sense of self
  • Identify and reflect on circumstances that they deal with within the workplace
  • Develop strategies to help take on constructive feedback

Students gained valuable insight into this topic through fun thinking activities. Followed by this, Brenton from GoTafe came in to complete the term one in person assessments. Trainees had a laugh and enjoyed playing out scenarios they could face around the sites.

The term two workshop will be on Thursday 30th June 2022 at Windy Hill Fitness Centre.

Term 1 GoTafe Update

Students are all on schedule with their Tafe studies. They are all doing well and are putting in the work to ensure they don’t fall behind. During the Term two workshop students will present their Education Program to the rest of the trainee group.

Please let Brenton know if you have any questions, and remember that the offer is still on the table for more regular catch-ups on Zoom (eg. every week/fortnight/month) if you want some help with your study. Ensure you email Brenton at

Student Shoutouts
I would like to highlight the outstanding efforts of two students to date:

Amelia Burrett:
Amelia has had such positive feedback from her managers and customers. She’s always willing to go above and beyond to deliver the best possible program for her students and shows immense community passion. Well done Amelia, keep up the great work!

Luke Dorrell:
Luke has shown great passion for the industry and has continually looked to improve and step up in the workforce. He is a valued member of the team and really looks forward to a future within the industry. Keep striving Luke!



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