Trainee State Awards

The LEA state awards acknowledge trainees who have stood out during the final year of their traineeship. Although there have been so many outstanding trainees, the following winners have been chosen!

VIC State Excellence Award
The Victorian State Award goes to Myah Snow (pictured above first from the left)! Myah has shown commitment to finding out what role she really enjoys most at BayFit. She’s excelling in her customer service and Swim Instructor roles despite having other commitments in her life. Myah has gone full speed ahead with banking up her hours in the lead up to finishing her traineeship next year. Myah really showed a resilient attitude when she said, “When I start something, I always finish it”. We are proud of you Myah, well done!

WA State Excellence Award
The WA State Award goes to Chelsey Ellis (pictured above second from the left)! Throughout her traineeship, we have been blown away by Chelsey’s commitment and maturity. From beginning as a lifeguard to learning and excelling in Customer Service and Swish Coaching, Chelsey’s always eager to learn and improve her skill set. We are so proud of Chelsey, especially her increase in self confidence, all of which she attributes to her traineeship experience. Congrats Chelsey!

QLD State Excellence Award
The QLD State Excellence award goes to Beth Harth (pictured above third from the left) at our Rockhampton site. Beth completed her traineeship earlier this year, her hard work, dedication and self motivation blew me away!

Beth always brings a smile to work and is happiest in her roles as Swim Teacher and Lifeguard. Earlier in 2021, Beth was nominated for the QLD Training Awards and made it to the top 3 finalists out of over 200 applicants! During this process, she showed an amazing amount of resilience, hard work and commitment and in our eyes, she was every bit the winner! Congratulations Beth, you deserve this!

NSW State Excellence Award
Our NSW Excellence award is going to a very well-deserved trainee, Rose Economou (pictured above fourth from the left)! Rose is a trainee at Angelo Anestis Aquatic Centre! She is a well mannered individual who has been able to adapt to various roles and responsibilities across the centre.

Since commencing the traineeship, she has made great improvements as she has been able to build upon her confidence and improve her communication with colleagues, workplace supervisors and her consultant. Rose is highly regarded as a responsible and motivated individual with her main roles as a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor thus allowing her to be a role model to her peers. Despite the extensive setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years of her traineeship, Rose is on track to achieve her proficiency at the end of the year!

SA State Excellence Award
The SA State Excellence Award goes to Riley Giersch (pictured above fifth from the left)! Riley is a Pathway trainee who has certainly shown a huge commitment to his role at The Aquadome as Operations Manager. It’s a tricky role to juggle along with studying but he has done an amazing job with both.
Riley is an incredible mentor to other trainees and will always go the extra mile to help, listen and provide support. Well done Riley!

Trainee Recognition Awards

VIC, NSW & QLD have nominated a recognition award for an outstanding trainee who has shown great performance.

VIC Recognition Award
Though very early in his traineeship journey Luke (pictured above first from the left) has joined our team this year as a Youth Trainee. He has shown dedication and commitment to the program and has been working very hard at Windy Hill taking up as many shifts as he can. Well done Luke, keep up the good work!

NSW Recognition Award
This year’s NSW Recognition Award goes to a very well-deserved trainee, Michael (pictured above second from the left). Michael is a 2021 trainee that has utilised the traineeship to help expand his understanding of the Sport and Recreation Industry. He is a core member of the lifeguarding team at Hurstville Aquatic where he never fails to bring a positive attitude to his shift whilst ensuring the safety of patrons and students through enforcing the policies and procedures of the site to ensure water safety at all times.

Michael has been an asset to the worksite whereby he is always willing to pick up extra shifts to support his team and workplace managers. He continually strives to diversify his skills set through taking on new challenges that are set and roles such as Swim teaching and Cafe Assistant. We are so proud of your development and commitment to the program, keep up the good work Michael!

QLD Recognition Award
Martine (pictured above third from the left) has had a very eventful start to her traineeship; she was directly involved in a drowning incident at Southside pool on her 4th shift! Martine showed great maturity and composure to respond to the incident, utilising all her new skills and training to initiate a fantastic result in saving a man’s life. She worked quickly, independently and calmly as the first lifeguard response, alerting the Duty Manager and other lifeguards to assist in an emotive and traumatic scene. What a way to start the traineeship, the whole team is very proud of you!



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