Stress to Success

As we come closer to the exam period for our trainees across the country, here are some tips and tricks to help manage stress and instead aim straight for success!

  1. Space it out – Psychologists suggest study intervals of 45 minutes with 15 minute breaks help boost brain memory and information retention. Out with the 5 hour cram sessions and in with the 15 minute phone breaks!
  2. Get active – Make sure to move your muscles throughout your study sessions. Whether that be a quick run, cardio session, or a quick dance break to your favourite playlist, exercise boosts natural endorphins and dopamine levels making you feel happy and ready to go for your next study break.
  3. When in doubt, work it out – Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed and overworked by the exam block. Create your own pockets of peace between your study days. Whether that be a break day filled with your favourite hobbies, weekend sport, or even a shift at the pools, make sure you’re creating healthy habits for a positive study-life balance.

The exam period can be a stressful time for everyone. The main takeaway from these tips is to make sure you’re feeling cool and calm, avoid stress and as always, aim for success.



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