QLD Update

A big warm welcome to four new trainees at our Gladstone site, Billie, Ella and Mitchell and Oliver at Yeppoon Lagoon. All trainees have settled into their lifeguard roles and have had a busy couple of months completing their shadow training and making headway with their online Cert lll units.

Thank you to all of the trainees that communicated with Michael (YDAT) to complete your latest assessments. He was unable to visit in person this time due to the flood situation down south. Michael has scheduled his next visit for the end of May, we are looking forward to seeing everyone working hard on their units, especially over the Easter school holidays.

You should all be working on completing 1 unit per month, with the deadline being the last day of each month. If you are struggling to make time, or need some help, we are always happy to book a meeting with you during your free study periods at school to come and help. Please reach out to Anna.
Remember, if you need help with any TAFE questions, please also contact Michael and he will respond to you asap.

QLD has certainly been feeling the heat this term, well done to all of you that have picked up extra shifts during a very busy summer! As we start looking forward to winter, (not that it actually gets that cold here!) hours start to reduce at all of our facilities. You will be guaranteed 7.5 hrs per week (15hrs per fortnight), however, if you are relying on working extra hours to reach that milestone of 562.5hrs, you may want to factor winter hours into your plan.

We were lucky to have the Southern Education team visit us in February (left of photo). All trainees participated in the pool lifeguard update, practising and updating skills, it was great to have the opportunity to see everyone in action!

Lastly, very excited to announce that we have nominated 2 exceptional trainees for the Queensland Training Awards 2022.

Martine David – Rockhampton
Molly Quinn – Yeppoon

Both girls started their traineeships in 2021, Molly (centre of photo) has recently completed her Cert lll and all of her hours in just under 10 months. Molly was always keen on picking up extra shifts which made her a valuable team member, her colleagues at the lagoon are 100% supportive of her nomination.

Martine (right of photo) has gone above and beyond in every role she has been in, in just her 5th shift, she was the first Lifeguard to respond to a major near drowning incident, which, thankfully, had a positive outcome.

Martine and Molly….all of the team at LEA wish you the best in your nominations….watch this space!



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