SA Updates

Welcome to the Team:

This month we welcomed Michael (pictured above) to our SA team! Michael has a love for the water, in January 2022 he was classified as a multi-class swimmer. Due to Michael’s passion for aquatic sports, his goal is to inspire others to learn to swim and enjoy the water. We look forward to seeing you develop as a person over the coming years.

Term 1 Study Block:

Our SA trainees got together and completed their first study block with Active Training presenter Julie! During this session, they learnt how to navigate their online learning platforms, once the girls were familiar with the platform they made a start on the course work which resulted in them getting out of their comfort zone with role playing and scenarios. Don’t forget our term 2 study block will be on the 27th of July! 


This term Both Maddison and Riahn have achieved some amazing personal goals. Both trainees have now completed their Lifeguard certificates and are in the final stages of being a part of the lifeguard team. Maddison has also expanded her skills by joining the birthday parties team as well as the swim school team. Riahn is in her final stages of becoming a part of the swim school team and is settling in by finding her routines to juggle her studies and work commitments. 

Focus for term 2: 

With the stress of year 12 ramping up for Riahn and Maddison, our focus for term 2 is to actively continue to work on their mental health and wellbeing! Both girls are working on finding a steady balance of healthy work, school and personal life balance by making time for themselves to destress! 



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