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NSW Updates

Recruitment season is still among us and we have limited spots left at each site. This Term has been filled with exciting adventures such as our social night at the Hijinx Hotel, sign up nights and interviews!


Our trainees have been working extremely hard up at Newcastle. With Lambton reopening this past month we are so impressed with the hard work and dedication from our trainees, it is fantastic to have them back at work for the next season.

Congratulations to our 2022 Newcastle trainees Jeremy and Declan, who have signed out and completed their School Based Traineeships early. Both of them worked extremely hard and continue to do so, working towards becoming Duty Managers at our Newcastle sites.

We would like to recognise Madalena, our 2023 Newcastle trainee, for her extraordinary commitment and achievements with her SBAT hours. Madalena is a driven young woman, who has shown consistent commitment and excellence within her traineeship. Madalena has been in her two year traineeship for less than a year, with a three month pool closure, already achieving 475 of her 760 hours. Madalena has impressed the team and we are excited to continue to see her progress across different departments at Lambton.

Madalena says she enjoys working with great people and loves the atmosphere. And she says she has increased her hours by consistently working throughout the summer holidays!

Shining Bright Moments!

Shae Pananen works at Moss Vale War Memorial Centre as a pool lifeguard and swim teacher. She has immersed herself completely with school, her traineeship and soccer.

Shae was a part of The Under 18s National Training Challenge (NTC) which is a competitive sports event that features the best under-18 female players showcasing their skills with the aim of attracting scouts, A-League teams, and Junior Matildas. With only two teams representing NSW – Country and City respectively, the team Shae was part of was named Under 18s NSW Country.

Shae was selected to be part of the team as a winger and midfielder, she had an initial two-day training camp to bond, get familiar with each other, and prepare for the competition. Prior to the competition, several other training camps were held to hone in on their skills.

The competition camp required us to meet at Valentine's Park in Sydney for three days before flying out to Melbourne for the final training camp. During the five-day competition, held in Melbourne, Shae played seven games against different opponents, including South Australia, Victoria, West Australia, and Queensland. Although they didn't win all their games, they were satisfied with the experience and results, which drew matches and two losses by just one goal.

Her experience during the NTC was very professional, with access to set meals, recovery sessions, and living in a camp away from their families.

She had been involved in a talent sports program (TSP) for several years, which led her to trial camps and ultimately landing an opportunity to be part of the NSW Country team.