Time Making! Not Time Wasting! 

Hello and welcome to a wonderful new LEA year!

As we start 2023 we want to stay motivated, dedicated and active!

Going into a new year always comes with new and sometimes challenging expectations. Whether it be starting a new schedule for study, being more present when in class or to be more productive when on shift, we’re gonna give you some realistic tips on how to minimise stress and maximise potential.

  1. New Diary, New Directions!

Whether it be a year diary, wall calendar or whiteboard calendar, giving yourself the ability to physically write out your tasks and shifts will give you the opportunity to maxmise your time wisely and keep you accountable without the stresses of cramming.

  1. Busy Bees = three main C’s

The three main C’s are key to making sure you’re staying focused whether you’re about to start the traineeship, going into your senior year in high school or getting ready to start full time work or university, the three C’s will help you stay focused. By staying consistent, communicating with mentors and managers, and committing to one goal at a time, you’re covering all your bases in making sure you’re giving yourself the best chance for anxiety free task completion.


It’s so important to know your abilities and be confident in yourself, however it’s normal to have some down moments. Whether it’s during your training shifts, permanents, or general reflection on your development lately, it’s so important to keep some key points in mind:

  • What have I learnt today?
  • How have I improved/what can I improve in my work?
  • When you don’t know something, always ask! 

We’re so lucky to be your consultants, so whenever you need some guidance, you know your BlueFit managers and LEA consultants are always a call away for some clarity! Whether it be lifeguarding questions, queries about the site or general feedback, we’ll always be there to help. 



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