First Nations

Nikala, our First Nations mentor is an Awabakal woman, who is devoted to creating a safe space for educating, sharing tools and information with the LEA Family. 

Let’s Have a Yarn! 

Let’s have a yarn is a communication platform that was created by Nikala for the LEA workplace, to share significant events, important updates and news throughout the year, so keep an eye out for one of these emails! 

Cultural Workshop

Nikala also holds annual cultural workshops to discuss and share information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, peoples, and histories with all trainees. 

First Nations Mentorship program

First Nations Mentorship Program is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainees. As part of this optional program, trainees can work with Nikala as an extension of their consultant.

What’s involved in the mentorship program :

  • Extension upon the welfare of the consultants from an First Nations perspective:
  • Education, application and career pathways
  • Soft skills – (time management, work & study)
  • First Nations Awards nominations
  • Career and personal goals.
  • Work on cultural components and encourage participation in community events.
  • If needed work with consultants/ Facility Managers to overcome cultural differences and understanding.



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