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It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone in the last few months. I am thoroughly enjoying my role as VIC consultant and I am so excited to be a part of your journey throughout your traineeship.


We are very pleased to announce that the 2022 LEA VIC Trainee of the Year award goes to Amelia Burrett, here is what the Facility Manager from Club Jubilee One had to say about Amelia:

“Amelia is truly one of a kind when it comes to staff in general, I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone. She is kind, and patient with all members that she deals with. She loves the kids, and is always having fun with her lessons. She isn’t afraid to ask for help or to make a suggestion.There is no doubt that she is an asset to any employer. Considering her age, her maturity is at an all time high. Every person who has engaged with Amelia within the workforce would also tell you the exact same, she truly is one in a million!”

Congratulations Amelia, we are so proud of everything that you have done for Club Jubilee One and it’s great to see you continuing in those roles into 2023.


Victoria is up and running with 11 new trainees and 5 more signing up for the 2023 calendar. It’s great to see these new trainees getting busy with their Lifeguard and Learn to Swim training so they can soon become a part of the community within BlueFit. Getting prepared to take on their regular shifts and providing a service to the patrons that attend these centres, has been their goal, and the rewards will be great. 

Currently we have trainees at Bayfit Leisure Centre, Windy Hill Fitness Center, Melton Waves Leisure Centre, Sandringham Family Swim Centre and Club Jubilee One, so definitely a busy state with eager teenagers in action.

Soon they’ll be starting their studies with Chisholm TAFE, so can you imagine how much more efficient they will be.

Stay tuned for further updates…


Jakub Jelinek

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