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VIC Updates

Completed Traineeships

2023 has been a hugely successful year for team Victoria. A big congratulations to Jake Costa , Xavier Koliampas, Lilly Marston, Alicia Farr, Natasha Allen, Aiden Stewart and Chloe Stephens who all completed their traineeship in December. These trainees worked tirelessly throughout the year to achieve their hours in the workplace, as well as the certificate 3 with mentor Kylie from Chisholm Tafe. All displayed enthusiasm, dedication, ability to adapt, wanting to learn, resilience and a growth in their professional development.

It has been wonderful to see all these young people continue their work within their leisure centres, as they have secured a casual role with BlueFit, and some will transition up into Duty Manager roles.


Congratulations to Alicia Farr from BayFit Leisure Centre Altona, who was awarded the VIC SBAT of the Year!

Alicia completed 580 hours in just 12 months in her workplace, and managed to complete her Certificate 3 tasks with ease. Alicia has been a positive contribution to her team at BayFit, and they have welcomed her with open arms, as she transitions into a casual role.

2024 Reflection

There are currently 3 trainees who will complete their hours in the next few months in Victoria, and 12 new trainees have just signed on to begin their traineeship journey.

This year we welcome Klara Prodromidis, Blake Harley, Liam Sultana, Jasper Withers, Matthew Lidyard, Harrison MacGregor, Erin Davies, Lily Elliot, Kelsey Williams, Vivian Chand, Nayna Naidu and Abbey Hutchinson, to our LEA traineeship team. If 2023 is anything to go by, this year is going to be a brilliant year with many achieving their best and being their best!


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