VIC Trainee Update

Thank you and congratulations to our 2021 Year 12 cohort! Having now completed their Tafe Course, year 12’s are now continuing to add to their working hours over the summertime. I am proud of each student for their persistence and contribution during some difficult times. Once students complete their working hours they will receive both their LEA & GoTafe certificates and graduate from the program. I will include photos in next year’s newsletter. 

Congratulations to Harrison Seeliger for completing his full LEA Traineeship after two years of hard work. I wish you luck in your future endeavours. 

2022 will bring a brand new cohort of students to each of our facilities. I welcome all 8 new students to our Victorian LEA team! I am very excited to have you a part of the team and can’t wait to see you learn, grow and develop on your journey. Thus far we have completed an online sign-up for students at Jubilee, BayFit and Windy Hill. We are looking to do one final sign up in the new year. If you know anyone who is interested please get them to apply online!

I wish all students and parents a Merry Christmas and a happy safe and enjoyable new year. I know it’s been tough for us Victorians so I still encourage each student and parent to continually check-in with themselves to make sure they’re doing okay and reach out for help if needed. It’s been an enjoyable first year working with each parent and student, you have all been so patient and understanding when it was most needed of you, so thank you. I have sent some little Christmas gifts to my 2021 graduating students, I hope Santa delivers them promptly! 

Well wishes and here’s to an incredible 2022!!!

Belin Bator

Vic Traineeship Manager



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