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Our SA trainees have been busy this term, they have been focusing on getting qualified for being a swim teacher! 

Every trainee has been completing a minimum of 1 in water shifts to build their skills.

Recently we asked the trainees what it is that they like about swim teaching, and which level is the best to teach is?

  • “Swim teaching is something new, and the Platypus level”
  • “The kids are different each time slot and make it fun! and the Jellyfish level” 
  • “You don’t have the patrol the pools which means less steps and the Angelish level”

Trainee Spotlight for term 2 is MICHAEL

Michael has been a part of the Aquadome for just over a year now, he is studying his certificate 3 Aquatic’s community and recreation! 

Michael has a love for the water and started swimming at an early age, in 2015 he started swimming competitively with PAC (Playford Aquatic Club). 

I asked Michael a few questions about himself and received the following responses:

What do you love most about swimming? 

“I love how it makes me feel, I find it relaxing and enjoy the feeling of being under water, clearer to think “.

What do you do in your spare time? 

“I play PS5.  Mainly Call of Duty and Apex Legends”. 

What’s your favourite thing about your school-based traineeship?

“Swim teaching, I enjoy the higher levels from strokes technique, favourite levels are Stingray and up”.

What is your dream future career?

 “I would like to be a Competitive Swimming Coach”. 

What is your swimming goal? 

“I am working towards getting into the Paralympics”.  

Keep up the great work Michael, We will see you around the Aquadome! 


Jakub Jelinek

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