QLD Update

A big thank you to all trainees that have attended our monthly Cert lll study sessions. I am sure you all agree that getting together and working on units as a group has been very motivating!

Well done to Talika Warcon at Yeppoon for completing her Cert lll and all of her working hours, all 562.5 of them! Talika is studying hard at school and is looking forward to finishing Year 12 with a move to Cairns with her family. We wish you the best of success in your future.

Rockhampton trainee, Abbey Mann, has almost completed her traineeship and is focused on finishing by the end of this term. Completing working hours hasn’t been easy for Abbey being a School boarding student as it has meant she has not been able to work during holiday periods. Whilst this has been a challenge, Abbey has ensured she completed training in all departments of the facility so that she could pick up shifts whenever she could. Keep going Abbey, you are almost there!

Finally, I was so very proud to join Martine David at the Queensland Training awards on Saturday 17th September in Brisbane, where she was a finalist for the Queensland School Based Trainee of the year award, after winning the Central QLD trainee of the year earlier this year.
This was such an enormous achievement and no matter the result, Martine is every bit the winner in the eyes of LEA! Well done Martine!!!



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