Workplace Jitters? Welcome to Adulthood!

It’s safe to say everyone remembers their first day at work. Where do I go? What if I have questions? Is my uniform good? These are some common things to expect when entering the workplace for the first time. If you feel like these are some things that stressed you when you started, you’re not alone!

Studies show that teenagers’ transition into the workforce is one of the most important rights of passage for young adults in society. Teenagers entering the workforce often express a better sense of problem-solving, independent thinking, conflict resolution and goal setting. Throughout the last month, I asked current year 12 trainees what they believe they’ve gained from the traineeship. Common responses included self-confidence in skills, authoritative leadership in fast-paced environments and situations, understanding relationships with managers and supervisors and mentoring new trainees entering the workforce.

We understand the importance of a young person’s introduction to the workplace and are lucky that due to our consultant component we’re able to focus on developing new skills based on each trainee’s personal development. Here at LEA, we love to see young people succeed, but we also love seeing them learn and grow from lessons in the workplace!



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