VIC Update

Welcome Margaret Zerafa, our new consultant in VIC.

By now, you will have all had the chance to meet Margaret who has joined our LEA family right at the start of our 2023 recruitment season.

Margaret also works at our Windy Hill site as the Community Engagement officer and brings a spark of energy and passion to her new additional role as a consultant.

Margaret has been busy getting around to schools in the area promoting our program and is now in the interview process for the new trainee cohort.

Youth Trainee Completion
Congratulations to our Youth Trainee – Luke Dorrell for completing the traineeship Program. Luke has shown great commitment and passion for his work and studies. Luke took a different pathway after the pandemic, leaving school and committing full-time to the traineeship program. He has excelled in the program and is now looking forward to joining Windy Hill Fitness Centre as a Pathway trainee specialising in business. Well done Luke, everyone is proud of your achievements!

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a trainee, I have the coolest managers and I look forward to going into the Pathway Program.” – Luke Dorrell

Term 2 Workshop Update
Students participated in their second workshop for the year during the term 2 holidays. During the first half of the traineeship, they participated in a workshop about Resilience and Stress Management in all aspects of life. Trainees learnt:

  • What it means to be resilient
  • Building the ability to be resilient
  • Resources to help understand resilience

Students then completed their Tafe assessments with Brenton from GoTafe!

Year 12 Completions
Most students are getting closer to their completion of studies, this is expected to take place by October 2022. I encourage all students to ensure they are keeping on top of their Tafe work so they aren’t rushing to get it done. If you require any assistance please contact Brenton.



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