SA Updates

We have had a productive Term 1 so far here in SA! We have been focusing on the fundamentals of their newly learnt skills as lifeguards and getting the trainee’s to know their new work colleagues! 

Team Update

All trainees are now working independently on shifts and refining the skills needed for the lifeguard role, this includes tasks such as correct scanning patterns, patrol paths around the pool and putting their first aid skills into practice. 

The BlueFit Operations Manager Riley has been focusing on exposing the trainees to real life scenarios, he has been doing this via a training drill called Timmy.  This drill is completed weekly, and involves a life-like training doll being placed in the pool, the lifeguard then needs to identify Timmy in their patrols around the pool. Once Timmy is identified a rescue is completed and the lifeguard then commences CPR once out the water. 

Study Block 

On the 22nd of March we completed our second study block for the year and the team was able to submit the first few units as part of their certificate 3.  Please remember the next session will be on the 3rd of May 2023

In house training On the 3rd of March BlueFit held their quarterly Lifeguard team meeting. Most of the trainees were able to attend this training and benefited largely from the sessions’ learnings. 


Jakub Jelinek

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