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QLD trainees have been keeping themselves busy during our winter period, our pools are generally a little quieter so it’s important to be proactive and tend to tasks that we are normally too busy to do!

I had the opportunity to chat with Martine David and find out what life has been like for her since completing her traineeship last year.

As many of you know, Martine was the winner of the Regional QLD Training award in 2022 and continues to work at her site in Rockhampton whilst completing yr 12, not always an easy task!

Life after a traineeship… by Martine David

“Life after the traineeship has been a whirlwind, with the juggling act of school and work. But I’ve realised that the experience I gained during the traineeship has made me capable of handling these challenges. It taught me important life skills like self-discipline and time management, giving me the determination to overcome any obstacles. 

These skills have been a lifeline during my final years of school, helping me find the right balance between work, education, and personal life. Now, I have a clear vision of what my ideal balance looks like, and I feel empowered to stay on top of all my responsibilities. 

The excitement of post-traineeship work is still alive as I connect with and support new trainees on their own transformative journeys. I hope by sharing my experiences helps them grow and lets them realise to aim high. 

The traineeship has opened up a world of professional possibilities for me. It has provided diverse work opportunities to expand my skill set and explore new areas. After completing the traineeship, I was fortunate to be trained as a pool deck coordinator, which improved my communication skills and deepened my understanding of swim school operations. But the journey didn’t stop there. 

More than a year has passed since the traineeship, and I’m currently immersing myself in learning about the LEA side of my work. This exposure has given me insights into my desired future career in Human Resources, particularly in recruitment. By trying something new I am gaining valuable knowledge about the path I want to pursue. 

Initially, I had no clear direction for my post-school life when I started the traineeship. But the connections, skills, and unwavering support I received along the way opened my eyes to a new passion. I’m immensely grateful for the guidance I’ve received, and it has ignited a strong desire in me to support others on their career journeys. 

Today, I stand with determination, fuelled by the transformative experiences and opportunities the traineeship brought into my life. I’m ready to embrace the challenges ahead and inspire others to uncover their own hidden potential. The traineeship has instilled in me the belief that no dream is too big and no hurdle is too daunting. With passion as my guide and resilience as my ally, I’m well on my way to a future filled with purpose and fulfilment and I believe the traineeship was the foundation of this.”



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