LEA Workshops

We have been lucky enough to run the below 3 workshops for our NSW trainees.

Gilli Introduction

In July, our Sydney trainees attended an introduction to our Indigenous Mentoring Program, Gilli, delivered by our Indigenous Mentor and LEA Trainee alumni, Nikala. The introduction gave an insight about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Culture to those in our program who were not Indigenous. The students learnt through discussion of their own cultures as well as some fun with a kahoot trivia quiz. We recognise and support the continuous culture of the First Nations of this Country and understand the strength and resilience that continues to grow with future generations.

Team Building

Our trainees also participated in a Team Building workshop with a twist. The theme was shared through an activity designed to allow our trainees to work in small groups to present their own workshop to us! Both weeks were a lot of fun and it was great to see such creativity from everyone. Some of the presentations included raps, poems and even some story telling! See the photos below.

Positive mindset and Dealing with Criticism

In October, we ran workshops based around the theme of mindset and dealing with criticism. Given the current climate, we have seen many trainees deal with unsettling challenges at work, school and home. This workshop allowed our trainees to learn how to deal with negative situations or failures and instead turn these into moments to develop personal growth and stability. They participated in fun exercises and were introduced to some very handy tools such as the 7 sec breathing technique and understanding the importance of the ‘growth mindset’. It was impressive to see how our trainees engaged in this workshop and how they were each able to apply these strategies.



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